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Compiled points for the Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats for the proposed framework of training candidates as per the Employers' requirement are - 


1. The main proponents of this idea themselves are Japanese Language Trainers

2. They have clear conceptual ideas about systematic educational development.

3. Ability to create new syllabi as per the learners' special skill.

4. A good number of associates whom work can be delegated and streamlined.


5. Language of instruction can be Marathi, Hindi, Nepali and English.

6.  Thus available areas to mobilise learners can be Maharashtra, Hindi speaking regions of India and North-Bengal, Sikkim.

7. Team understands nuances of digital media, copyrights, audio-video course material designing and publishing.

8. Social media push and marketing can be done very efficiently. Team members have strong back-stories.

9. Strong networking skills, know-hows, awareness about who's who in the profession.

10. Well aware about how the foreign language education works at grassroots levels in various regions and states of India.


1. Finance - as Echenar's revenue sources have taken a severe gut-punch due to Covid pandemic making Inbound Tourism and Training association with institution on fixed retainer are non-existent. Vitamin M deficient as of September 2021.

2. Mobilising individual learners is proving difficult, especially outside Pune.

3. Social perception of Foreign Language learning as an extracurricular activity or vocational course. Thus it generates fewer leads, even lesser conversions.

4. People cannot consider it as a technical or practical course which would land them jobs.

5. Fresher Candidate Migration in Maharashtra is either towards Pune or Nagpur. So need to tap them in their institution before they graduate and move. 

6. Presently, ​Echenar Consultants is neither a Pvt Ltd. nor an NGO nor an educational institute. Need to be one of these.

8. Team Echenar is not exposed to higher echelon private sector as a steak holder. It has worked passively or sub-coordinating for other firms.

9. Inability to show tangible assets or history with endorsed statistical data because of long experience in service sector and ghost professions. 

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