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We provide
comprehensive and end-to-end
Foreign Language Training
& Placement Programmes.

We coordinate for and connect Educational Institutions.

We help Indian and Foreign Recruiters and Employers discover your talented students.

Also, if you are a Foreign Language Teacher
and interested in teaching with us...
it'd be a pleasure to hear from you !


call or 

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+91 94040 70011

+91 96472 70011


If you are an Educational Institution and interested in -
  • Initiating credible Foreign Language Training at your institution
  • Assured placements by reputed Companies and Industry Recruiters (both on-campus and off-campus)​
  • MoUs with Foreign Universities for Student and Credit exchange programs, scholarships etc
  • Scholarship Counselling for your talented and deserving students
  • CEFR based Syllabus and Curriculums that respect National and International norms
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Record-Keeping (as per UGC, ICCR, AICTE, NSDA etc norms)
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