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Learn French Language

French Classes


  • Spoken by more than 260 million people on five continents.

  • The second-most commonly studied foreign language, after English.

  • Official language, or at least one of the official languages, of 70 nations.

  • More than 750,000 people each year.

  • India's Multicrore population makes just a fraction of above numbers.


  • One of four official languages of United Nations, NATO, Interpol etc.

  • World’s largest network of overseas cultural institutions.​

  • More opportunities for students and researchers in Humanity studies and aspirants of competitive exams. Also, for those who specialise in political science and International Relations.


  • The international language of the theatre, the visual arts, dance, architecture, haute cuisine, and fashion etc.

  • Gives you direct access to the great literature, films, and songs of French and francophone culture.

  • Many high-quality, untapped internet resources on various and sophisticated subjects are available in French.

  • Takes you less time to learn other similar languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

  • France is famous for its more friendly and liberal culture

One of the G7 Countries

  • France is world’s sixth-largest economy.

  • Key economic partner for many countries.

  • 3rd chosen country for foreign investors and Europe’s foremost investor abroad

  • A major language of high tech and business, tourism and hospitality industries, research institutes

  • Spoken in two of the G7 countries

  • An analytical language that structures thought and develop critical thinking

Learn French Language,
the Echenar Way !

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