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Going Overseas

Echenar is your companion at every step...

We make sure you go at the right place in a legit way...

...and we don't skip.

Our true objective is your true capacity building and professional transformation.


Let us know your current academic state and what truly motivates you when it comes to your career.

Let's discuss and devise a strategy and a timeline. Then we move onto next step of Object Oriented Training.

This makes you Deployable at foreign lands and uplifts your self-confidence greatly.


The whole training part really, really applicable in real life.


Our comprehensive and result-oriented training programs are very personalized.

Flexible timings, scholarly material, precise instructions, interesting course material, just the right amount of mock tests.


Every specific objective of going overseas requires a credible assessment.

This is to show that you indeed deserve the path you have chosen.

A good score in the eligibility tests opens up number of better opportunities.

Target Selection

Let's shortlist and select the  educational institutions / employers /recruiters for your skill sets.

We also provide our Language Services to make your profile more ready to process. (documents, CVs, SOP, LOR, Resume, Essays and for filling the application forms.)


Complete handholding right from screening your application to posting it to the universities!

Financial Strategy

The cost to study abroad and other related expenses vary from country to country, university to university, and also depend upon the course you want to pursue.

We help you receive financial aid in terms of scholarships/ research assistantship/ teaching assistantship/ bursaries depending on your academic strength.

Also, if you work abroad (part time/full time), you should have your financial profile and knowledge up-to-date.


We guide you step by step with the visa-processing right from filling in the visa application forms to getting your documents ready and submitting them on time.

We also conduct mock visa interviews to give you a feel of the actual visa interview. (Wherever required)

Pre Departure

You'll get the pre-departure training which give you a clear idea about the necessary things before you get aboard to your dream destination.

The training and resource material covers guidance for all the factors of travel and the initial period of stay pertaining to the various nations.

Voyage Support

This includes assistance for travel, accommodation, forex and insurance cover.

We make you feel covered for once you reach your dream destination.


Our connections with Expat and alumni networks overseas can help you in times of need.


You are never too far from us. We are just a ping away.

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