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Skill Development for
Working Professionals


  • Comprehensive language training

  • Not limited to become Language professionals.

  • Very beneficial if you are experienced in various skill-sectors.

  • Great value addition to your existing profile

  • Open great new avenues for your progress - In India and Abroad !

  • We are happy to counsel and provide specialised training courses

Become an International 

Care Giver.

Work in Japan

and abroad.

Ageing People and people recovering from their ailments can not meet their own needs due to their declined physical conditions. Caregiving and elderly care are specific services to support their everyday life.

Caregivers need to have a national certification. New candidates applying for a Specified Skilled Worker Visa (Type 1) must pass two tests in order to qualify:

1) Tokutei Ginou 1 basic evaluation test: Care Worker
2) Basic Japanese language test OR JLPT N4

Candidates will be tested on the subjects like - Care working basics, basic human anatomy, communication skills, and life support skills.

Become a
Skilled Worker
in Japan

Image by Christopher Burns

Specified Skilled Worker is a status of residence created to give foreign nationals more opportunities to work in Japan.


From April 1, 2019, there are employment opportunities for foreigners who have N4 or higher Japanese language ability.


Under the “Specified Skilled” visa, with a Japanese language ability of N4 level or higher, the applicant will be able to take on various jobs in 14 industries.

14 industries recognised for “Specified Skilled” visas:

1. Care worker

2. Building Cleaning Management

3. Machine Parts & Tooling Industry

4. Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry 
5. Electric, Electronic and Information Industries
6. Construction Industry

7. Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry

8. Automobile Repair and Maintenance

9. Aviation Industry

10. Accommodation Industry

11. Agriculture

12. Fishery and Aquaculture

13. Food and Beverage production

14. Other occupations

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