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Akhil Mehta

Publishing and Strategy | Sr Cosultant

Akhil's passion for the publishing industry stems from his curiosity about its current state, market requirements, and the challenges posed by resource deficiencies in this ever-changing landscape. He has received a comprehensive education in publishing from Oxford Brookes University, with a special focus on children's books. Akhil firmly believes that there is a vast readership waiting to be reached, and he strives to unlock the industry's full potential.  As the Chief Strategist and Managing Director of Mehta Publishing House (MPH) in Pune, Akhil plays a crucial role in shaping the company's direction. MPH holds a cherished place in the hearts of Marathi book readers, thanks to its remarkable catalog.  In his earlier professional experiences, Akhil has worked for Mehta Book Sellers in Kolhapur, Radio Mirchi, Periscope Books in England, Creme Magazine in Pune, and Sunny's World in Pune. These diverse roles have enriched his understanding of the industry and provided him with valuable insights into different aspects of publishing. 


Akhil Mehta
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