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Ninad Gosavi

Consultant | Trainer | Wildlife Biologist

Ninad is a passionate individual with a deep love for wildlife and a strong commitment to teaching. He specializes in making science education practical and engaging, particularly for K12 students. Ninad possesses extensive expertise in the Western Ghat Jungles and has dedicated his research to reptiles and amphibians. At Echenar, he not only contributes his knowledge to our team but also oversees our tourism services in Maharashtra. 

His innovative thinking has led him to design new courses that cater to the needs of K12 and undergraduate students in the fields of science, pharmaceuticals, and health sciences. By developing these courses, he aims to provide valuable and relevant educational opportunities for students at various academic levels. 

Ninad's dual passions for wildlife and education drive his commitment to fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world. With his expertise and dedication, he plays a vital role in expanding Echenar's educational offerings and contributing to a more engaging and practical learning experience for students.

Ninad Gosavi
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