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About Us...

Expertise !

We believe...

...that Foreign Language Education should NOT be limited due to -

1. Lack of awareness about numerous employment and entrepreneurial opportunities with Foreign language skills

2. Availability in Tier I metro cities only

3. Unreasonably high fees

4. Stereotyped for higher education or higher segments of the society

5. Just theoretical and non-applicable academic researches

6. Ignorance that language learning is for Arts and Humanity students

7. Most Importantly, Deficiency of Language Teachers

Echenar Consultants is the collective expertise of consultants in three main sectors -
- Foreign Language Training & Placement
- QMS Training
- Inbound & Premium Tourism Coordination

We are trainers, publishers, policy analysts, translators, interpreters, academicians, diplomats, tourism facilitators and many more networked individuals working symbiotically on various innovative projects.

This makes us very efficient, resource-friendly, and widespread. We put communication technology and applications to their best use for all our cerebral operations.

We aspire to bring the expertise to the learners with potential and not to stay limited to mainstream tier-I cities. This is much needed to eradicate the deficiency of specified and industry-required skills in India.

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