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Our Emblem

We call it The Ensōbanè.


We wanted a simple expression of deeper meanings and elevated thoughts. Something in which we believe and it came out as a blend of Indo-Japanese and Western philosophies.

The circular part of the logo it is Ensō (円相). It symbolizes absolute, enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void.

The second part is Wings (羽) (Hanè in Japanese). It is the idea of liberating innate knowledge. We merely help you rediscover it all.

Our Logo

Echenar is coined term. It means -

 - Striving for perpetual betterment as a human being. 

 - Journeys for better well-being, connections and experiences.
 - Proficiency for better knowledge and skills.
 - Solutions for better working - living.

(Envisioned and drafted by Harshad Subhash on 12 Aug 2018. Logo designed by Rutuja Gokhale.)

*Both graphical representation, textual content and terminology are registered properties of Echenar Consultants. Any unauthorised, unethical and malintentional use of these are subject to legal action.

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