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Our Emblem

Presenting "The Ensōbanè," a profound amalgamation of Indo-Japanese and Western philosophies, designed to evoke a sense of contemplation and introspection.

Our logo embodies simplicity while carrying profound significance. At its core, the Ensō (円相), a circular element, encapsulates the concepts of the absolute, enlightenment, strength, elegance, the vast universe, and the boundless void. It serves as a symbol of our collective journey towards self-discovery and a deeper understanding of our place in the world.

Complementing the Ensō is the Wings (羽) (known as "Hanè" in Japanese), representing the liberation of innate knowledge. We humbly assist you in rediscovering the wisdom that lies within, facilitating your personal journey of self-realization and growth.

"The Ensōbanè" goes beyond a mere name—it beckons you to embark on a profound exploration of cultures, embracing ancient wisdom, and uncovering the boundless possibilities that reside within each individual. Together, we transcend boundaries, delving into the depths of knowledge and enlightenment. Join us on this introspective path as we seek to find meaning and purpose in a complex world.

Our Logo

Echenar" is a purposefully crafted term that encapsulates profound aspirations and values:

It embodies the relentless pursuit of perpetual self-improvement, acknowledging the innate desire within each individual to evolve and grow as a human being.

It signifies transformative journeys towards enhanced well-being, meaningful connections, and enriching experiences, encouraging individuals to embark on paths that nurture their personal growth and fulfillment.

It represents a commitment to attaining proficiency in knowledge and skills, recognizing the importance of continuous learning and development in an ever-evolving world.

It encompasses a dedication to providing innovative solutions that enhance both work and living environments, striving for excellence and optimal functioning in all aspects of life.

(Envisioned and drafted by Harshad Subhash on August 12, 2018. Logo designed by Rutuja Gokhale.)

*Please note that the graphical representation, textual content, and terminology associated with Echenar Consultants are registered properties. Any unauthorized, unethical, or malicious use of these assets is subject to legal action.

At Echenar, we embody these principles and commit ourselves to foster personal growth, meaningful connections, and excellence in all our endeavours. Join us on this journey as we navigate the path towards perpetual betterment and embrace the transformative power of Echenar.

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