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Learn English

Day to Day English
Business English
English Classes
  • Two different types of English language courses for you

  • Day-to-Day English is to enhance your foundational skills for everyday, conversational English.

  • Business English is most commonly and formally used by corporates, businesses and professionals

 Necessary skills

  • Teaches you the vocabulary that you would use in business and the working world.

  • Also, learn how to do business-related tasks commonly expected in general working settings.

  • Highly beneficial for students of Finance, Law, Politics, Marketing as well as Trade & Commerce.

  • Survive with confidence in the highly competitive environments


  • Write Business reports, deliver presentations, put forth opinions and conduct meetings.

  • Write letters and emails, understand graphs, news

  • Applying for roles and understanding job profiles.

  • Know basic etiquette, protocols and prepare for a life in a corporate, office environment.

Smart professionals study Business English

  • English has become the universal language for businesses around the world.

  • This unites people and companies from different backgrounds, countries and languages.

  • So it is necessary to communicate in a clear and effective way.

  • You having a good grasp of Business English will be an attractive asset to employers.

  • Live and work abroad in the future. English speaking countries requires you to understand business terms in English. 


  • Covers customer relationships, presenting in meetings, advertising - marketing, sales pitches and even, Public Speeches.

  • Learn the skills you need to function well in international business situations, improving your Business English terminology and grammar along the way.

  • Practice Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writingin a business context to boost your employability.

Learn English,
the Echenar Way !

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