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Learn Spanish Language

Spanish Classes

Grow as a person

Develop ability to step inside the mind and context of Spanish culture. 

At present, over half a billion people are Spanish speakers.


Spanish is the second most spoken language (400 million native speakers) after Mandarin, followed by English and Hindi

Official language in 21 countries


Second most used in international communication and is one of the official languages of the UN and EU.

Grow as a Professional

  • Bilingual Job opportunities in the IT sector, MNC banks and export houses, Embassy coordinators or the tourism sector.

  • Indian companies have ongoing development and acquired companies all across Latin America.

  • India’s trade with Latin America has gone from USD 5MM in 2008 to USD 17MM in 2017, while India’s exports to these countries increased by 40% within the same time.

  • With a large number of companies from non-english speaking countries spotting India for outsourcing work.

  • Bilinguals to support the clientele may enjoy salary package 25% to 40% more than English speaking counterparts.

Being part of global presense

  • The majority of Latin American countries speak Spanish as their native language

  • Increasingly large and growing Hispanic community also lives in the USA. 

  • In Europe, Spanish is spoken in Spain and is only slightly different from the Latin American Spanish.

  • Bilingual professional specialists are gaining wide recognition in the world.

  • Spanish language is a key to global exposure and access to literature, history, music, international relations and socio-cultural exchange.

Spanish Language,
Echenar Way !

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