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Rutuja Gokhale

Co-Founder | Language Professional | Sr Consultant

Rutuja is a person who truly values human connections and enjoys working both behind PC monitors and amidst the beauty of pristine mountains. As a consultant and language professional, Rutuja's approach to working revolves around three main elements: Purpose, Process, and Potential, while also appreciating the importance of aesthetics. With her extensive experience as a Japanese Language Coach, Rutuja has developed a deep understanding of the language and excels in guiding learners. Her enthusiasm is always inspiring and uplifting for both learners and colleagues, creating a positive and motivational environment.

  • Polyglot, Educator, Facilitator, Artist, Naturalist

  • History major. Specialization in International Relations studies.

  • Embassy of Japan, Ministry of External Affairs India Certified Japanese Language Trainer


Rutuja Gokhale
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