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Foreign Languages Are
The New Tools !

Get Smart.
Explore The Possibilities...

Business English
| Japanese | German
French | Spanish

Thoughtful Youth
DON'T limit your opportunities to only English Language

Just about 20% of the world speaks it. See the map...

Why limit your destination overseas to English Language speaking countries ?

The theatre of the world is much Bigger, Interesting and Diversified !

Just like the educational offerings by ECHENAR.

Non-English Language World in Green

English Speaking vs Non-speaking Countries in the World

Can use a smartphone?
Can understand this website?

Then you can definitely learn any language...

and absolutely no age limit.

आम्ही मराठी भाषेत
बोलतो व शिकवतो.

हम हिंदी भाषा में बोलते और सिखाते हैं।

We speak and
in English language.
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Are you an Educational Institution / Organisation ?

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